• Presentation as Performance: An Exploration in the Human-Computer Interface (HCI) and the Access Grid.


    Kenneth Emig

    Alexis K. Andrew


    A Conference Presentation at Transnet - Performing Art Performing Science Conference: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Performance

    Presented at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Burnaby, BC, with live interactive video connections to The National Research Council (NRC), Ottawa, Canada

    This was delivered as an improvised dance and interactive performance between SFU and NRC in two video feedback streams that are going back and forth across Canada… Ottawa-Burnaby-Ottawa-Burnaby etc. The talk proposes that understanding your body the way a dancer can lead to a more effective Human Computer Interface Design of large scale collaborative environments.


    I also designed, built and operated the Access Grid environment in Ottawa for NRC Researchers.


    Supported by:

    Mutual Media Research Laboratory, 

    Institute for Information Technology,

    National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa


    Additional performer:

    Alexis K. Andrew

Transnet - SFU
Transnet - NRC, Ottawa
Transnet - NRC, Ottawa
Transnet - NRC, Ottawa
Transnet - NRC, Ottawa