• Material:
    wood, mirror, acrylic, paint, light, walnut frame
    92 × 70.5 × 26 cm
    Commissioned By:
    private commission
    Photo Credit(s):

    David Barbour

    Kenneth Emig


    This commission was created to integrate into the clients home environment where there is dark wood furniture and related colours. To complement this environment, the frame was constructed of reclaimed walnut that integrates a shelf to support the requested Buddha. The artwork has architectural lighting and dimmer to adjust to changing lighting conditions and mood. This artwork is lit 24/7 in the clients home.


    Testimonial from person who commissioned this artwork.


    "Having seen several of Kenneth's light boxes at many exhibitions, I knew how mesmerizing and stunningly beautiful they are when you see them in person. I always thought they needed a large gallery-like space for them to "work" until I saw a piece called "Acute Triangle." In a flash I knew I wanted one of his light boxes in my home.

    All I knew was where I wanted to hang it, and that it would need to include a Buddha, warm yellow light, and arches. The rest would be up to the artist.  

    Kenneth's design process began with a visit to my home, to look at the space where the piece would hang. Then we went for several walks in the snow, and he asked me questions. We talked about Buddhism and meditation, about the space they occupy in my life, about the colour of candlelight, about temples and mosques and Persian architecture, about the spaciousness of mind, about peace and being present, about proportions and the Golden Mean.

    In time he sent me a sketch of an arch in a frame. It was exactly right. After that, I left it in his hands. There were just occasional phone calls about the dimensions of my Buddha statue and options for the frame and lighting dimmer. 

    When Kenneth installed the finished piece in my home and turned on the lights, I almost couldn't breathe. It was beyond anything I could have imagined. There are no words that can sum it up. Sanctuary is an incredible piece. I love living with it. It is simply alive.”

    Irene Mathias, August 2021, Ottawa


Sanctuary - photo D Barbour
Sanctuary - detail - ke
Sanctuary - detail - ke
Sanctuary - detail - photo D Barbour
Sanctuary - photo D Barbour
Sanctuary - detail - photo K Emig
Sanctuary - detail - photo K Emig