• a commissioned site specific dance performance

    June 7th to June 14th

    Kenneth Emig
    Edmund Eagan


    Diffract is a commissioned, site-specific improvised performance for the Canada Dance Festival. It was created specifically for the terrace of the National Arts Centre (NAC) in Ottawa in an installation that connects vertically through the building. The installation made use of 6 video cameras outside connected to 6 video projectors inside. A 6 channel sound system was used with 3 channels outside and 3 inside.
    This was an interactive, improvised dance performance exploring the architecture of the NAC. There were 8 half hour performances, 8 days in a row. Each performance would start with the noon carillon from the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill, followed by the carillon at the Ottawa City Hall and then the bells are brought into the sound system at the NAC to begin the performance.
    The process of developing this work involved visiting the location, getting to know its characteristics and personality and working into them. The sculpture and video have been selected to support, contrast and emphasize the architectural features. The movement and music are improvised based on this exploration and research of the architecture and surrounding environment. “Each performance will be different yet, the same.”

    Artistic Director, Dancer and Video Design:

    Kenneth Emig


    Edmund Eagan

    Sculptural Installation:

    Kenneth Emig, Edmund Eagan, Lola Ryan

    Sound Design:

    Edmund Eagan, Kenneth Emig


    Lola Ryan

    Technical Design:

    Bruno Emond, David Scobie, Kenneth Emig, Edmund Eagan

    Acknowledgements and thank you to:

    Brian Webb, Ellen Busby and all at the Canada Dance Festival

    Jacqueline Ethier and the Pilates Space

    Kevin Ryan, Peter Kealey, Maurizio Ortolani  and the production staff at the National Arts Centre

    NRC – Institute for Information Technology

    Naomi Sparrow

    Michael Hilchie at the Shop

    Angela Prokopiak

    Andrew Patrick

    Collective (gulp)

    Movement Arts Ottawa

    Jason Nolan

    Cindy Stelmackowich

    Hugh Thompson

    Kenneth Emig gratefully acknowledges the support of the Pilates Space